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times in a row and i can't see. breathing gets kind of hard. it's hard to get air. >> reporter: that's tough because reed works in property management and has a hard time avoiding the enemy. grass. >> when i mow the lawn, it's probably the worst. my face can swell up, eyes get kind of itchy, scratchy throat. >> reporter: he's not alone. allergists here in santa clara say they have seen a recent spike with patients coming in complaining of grass allergies. >> it's one of the biggest allergens because grasses bloom as a group. in terms of trees not everyone feels it because they're allergic to certain trees. that's the reason why grasses tend to be a little bit more potent. >> reporter: allergist dr. pearl scott also says if you're allergic to grass, you could be in for a long season of sniffles. because the grass pollen is out early this year. and may stick around until june. to minimize your exposure she suggests you keep your windows closed, stay indoors especially during the morning and evening, put your air conditioning on recirculated air, and close the vents in your car. as for
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1